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leftThe Chesapeake Bay is in serious trouble

All that live beside it stand to benefit or lose by what we do to protect this vital natural resource.

Our mission is to promote and preserve Historic Chesapeake Bay Watercraft and to educate the public in the heritage of the Chesapeake Bay. And further, to promote and assist scientific research and to gather scientific information on preserving the plants and animals in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. We will grow stronger as participation in bay studies grows.

Our financial needs are relative. They depend on the extent to which the community concedes a need to support a program of education using a skipjack.

Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy Awarded Grant from Maryland Heritage Areas Authority!

The Maryland Department of Planning today announced that 50 matching grants totaling $2,695,655 were awarded to Maryland non-profits, local jurisdictions and other heritage tourism organizations including museums, historic preservation, natural resources, cultural and educational organizations by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA).  Click here for more information.


Help Save the Skipjack Martha Lewis

The Skipjack, the last American vessel to fish under sail, is a fading reminder of the wealth and prosperity that the bay has offered…

A symbol for the brittle balance between all of us and the place where we live.