Discovery Traveler

Discovery Traveler programs are hands-on interactive programs provided by the Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy where students learn the importance of protecting the Chesapeake Bay, its rich history and culture. Program uses the KWL learning technique.

Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy Rolls out with Bringing the River & Chesapeake Bay to your classroom!

  • Programs offered for Preschool & Above
  • Special 2-hour programs brought directly to your students
  • Customized programs to fit your needs & curriculum

Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy
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Meaningful Watershed/Bay Experience

With limited funds you don’t have to limit the learning opportunities offered to your students! Let the Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy roll into your school and engage your students with one of our unique 2 hour Discovery Traveler programs. These programs each offer unique experiences for even the youngest student and can be customized to fit your needs and curriculum.

Creatures of the Bay:

Your student will meet and identify with some of the creatures living just below the surface. That’s right! We will roll in with live animals so your students can see these fascinating occupants of the Susquehanna River & Chesapeake Bay up close. They will learn where these creatures live, what they eat, what is needed to continue their survival and what your students can do to aid them in their quest. From bass to terrapins, crustaceans, bivalves and things in-between; all brought directly to your classroom for this exciting informative program.

Watermen of the Bay:

Have your students meet Bay Bonnie, Chesapeake Heritage’s very own waterman, as she tells her tales of what it is like to be a waterman on the Bay. Learn the rich history of these hard working people, try some of the tools of the trade, and get a glimpse into a dying culture. See the challenges that Bay Bonnie and all watermen are facing with the declining natural resources. Find out how you can help her in her quest to keep a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation from disappearing.

Estuaries & Watersheds:

Your students will learn what an estuary is, why the watershed is so important and much more with interactive displays & games. We will help them understand the importance of preservation and conservation of the wetlands, the Chesapeake Bay watershed and their role in the protection of the Bay.

Where does your water come from and where does it go? Take a journey from a small raindrop to your faucet. See first hand on our table top display the effects of choices made and ways to reduce the effect, minimize the harm: Bay Health – it’s up to you and me!

Call now to have the Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy’s Discovery Traveler roll into your classroom: 410-939-4078